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5 Keys to Becoming a Great Marketer

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(5 Secrets you need to know about)


Since every business needs to market it’s important to know the secret to marketing success. In short, the secret to being a great marketer is that there is no secret. But no one seems to be aware of that.  Everything you need to know is already being done in your everyday life; the key to becoming a Great Marketer is simply knowing how to apply what you’re already doing and turn it into a way to make you money.


  • First, get to know your customer.  This will be considered your planning phase. Think of it as the beginning of a relationship because honestly that’s exactly what it is.  When dating someone we tend to ask a lot of basic questions to decide if we are interested and if we can see ourselves going on a second date.  Questions such as, what are your likes and dislikes, what are your hobbies, what was your previous relationship like and why did it end, and so forth. Getting to know your client is no different. You must ask the basic questions so that you and your client can decide if this relationship is a good fit for the both of you. And if not, what needs to be done to make it work for the both.


  • Secondly, as a great marketer you must learn to have discipline.  It is a marketer’s job to understand that marketing is not your typical eight hour punch a clock type of job. Being a marketer; especially a great one, means you understand that your motivation and inspiration can hit you at any point so you must make yourself and the necessary tools readily available to receive any and all information. Here’s an example from my life. It was  about 3 a.m. on a Sunday and I had come up with an idea that I thought would blow my client away.  It would have made him a good deal of money (and consequently would’ve made me a pretty penny also). And of course I could not find a pen for about 15 minutes. What’s worse is that once I found the pen I couldn’t find any paper. Needless to say once I finally got all items together I couldn’t really remember the idea.  I wrote down what I did remember to the best of my ability but it just wasn’t the same.  Now, I’m not suggesting you should sleep with a heap of school supplies under your pillow but it would definitely be helpful to keep it around. My father always said it’s better to be ready for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be ready.


  • Third, we all understand that the most markets are constantly changing. That said you need to stay aware of what’s out there. Don’t get me wrong being able to refer back to the “old ways of marketing” can be helpful to you too. Those old ways have helped to shape our world today.  Just keep in mind that it’ll be beneficial to the great marketer and who they are marketing to, to be aware of what’s trending. The new data being introduced, updated software, activities of interest and so on.


  • The fourth step is that you must develop client  trust. This mean you, your products and your ideas. Without trust there is no foundation and without a foundation you have nothing to build on. Bad news is that there is no way to fake this. It is imperative that you remain true to who you are as well as what you are selling. Be passionate about your product this makes it easier to stay genuine and true to yourself and your client.


  • Finally, never get stuck thinking of why you “can’t”. Here is some thousand dollar psychology for free. Whatever you spend time focusing on is what you’ll get. Instead of focusing on what you can’t do focus on what’s possible. that’s not to say that you should ignore problems. Face them head on and solve them. Just remember that no matter what you dream; you can. This can take you from being a great marketer to an exceptional one.  You must be able to go the extra mile and do what is needed to be done to get the job done.  If you want it to happen; believe and make it happen!



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